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Bjørn Hee on Hee

Hee [he]: a small town in western Jutland about 5 km north of Ringkøbing.

My great8grandfather, Jens Christensen Gjødstrup, became vicar of Hee and No in 1622. He took name after his parish, and was accordingly called Jens Hee. He is said to have had every social accomplishment and have played the violin well. He became dean in 1653 and died in 1666.

So Jens Hee was the first Hee. Until about 1800 the Hee's were mainly clerical. After that they became grocers, and today they are a mixed company.

The name of the town Hee is known back to the end of the 1200 years, but the name has roots all the way back to the primitve norse "Hiwon", which means "light, shining". The name has been used for Hover Å, which runs through Hee. Here the meaning has probably been "the shiny stream", and so the name of the town has meant "the town by the shiny stream".

Bjørn Hee

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